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Gavin M. Wax

Gavin Mario Wax is a New York-based conservative activist, commentator, columnist, and operative.

Gavin is the co-author of ‘The Emerging Populist Majority‘, which is available for purchase here.

Gavin serves as the Executive Director of the National Constitutional Law Union. He is also the 76th President of the New York Young Republican Club, the oldest and largest Young Republican club in the country. He was elected unanimously in April 2019 and re-elected unanimously twice in December 2020 and December 2022.

Gavin is also an Ambassador for both Turning Point USA and Live Action, a Newsmax Insider, and the current National Committeeman of the Association of New York State Young Republican Clubs, having previously served as that organization’s Corresponding Secretary.

In 2020, Gavin was awarded the Republican Youth of the Year Award by the Queens Village Republican Club, the oldest Republican club in the country. In 2021, Gavin was recognized as a Rising Star by the Association of New York State Young Republican Clubs.

In 2022, Gavin spoke at the inaugural European Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), CPAC Hungary, in Budapest. That year, Gavin also initiated a redistricting lawsuit against the State of New York, which successfully forced the State to redraw its unconstitutional State Assembly lines.

Gavin is a frequent guest on Fox News, Fox Business, Newsmax, One America News, and Real America’s Voice News.

Gavin’s articles have been published in American Greatness, American Thinker, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, Foundation for Economic Education, The Hill, Human Events, The Mises Institute, The National Pulse, Newsmax, Newsweek, RealClearDefense, RealClearPolicy, RealClearPolitics, Townhall, The Washington Examiner, The Washington Times, and The Western Journal.

Gavin Wax's Latest Articles

April 9, 2024

Disgorgement and Despotism

March 24, 2024 in Articles

With RNC Shakeup, MAGA Brings Accountability To The Republican Party

An insidious institutional rot has long afflicted the Republican Party and the broader American conservative movement. Historically, this has presented a vexing problem for grassroots activists desperate to change the…
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March 7, 2024 in Articles

David Pressman: the American Citizen Genêt

On April 8, 1793, in the midst of the French Revolution, the French Republic’s first ambassador to the United States arrived to begin his service. Upon arrival in Charleston, Edmond-Charles Genêt adopted…
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February 26, 2024 in Articles

NY-3 Tells Us Nothing & Everything About America’s Political Transition.

There’s no shortage of hot takes on the Democrats’ easy eight-point victory in the New York-3rd special election, which brought them one seat closer to taking the House in November. It was…
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February 9, 2024 in Articles

Good Faith DeSantis Backers Are Welcome Back in Magadonia!

Suppose a week is a lifetime in politics. In that case, Ron DeSantis’s always-online army has had many lifetimes to recover from their gigantic loss in Iowa and the predictable ‘CYA’…
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